My “Going Gray” Legacy to My Family

By Patricia Allwood Hindman

Our electronics will be our most important heirlooms for our children as we grow gray.

Think about it. Our lives growing gray is a little like the story of the small boy who decided to run away. As he walked down his street and neighbors questioned him, he was given food, a blanket, something to drink, a toy….By the time he reached the end of the block, his luggage was too heavy to carry and he had to return home.

This is much like our lives today. As we grow gray, we begin to give away. Our home is too large. Our extra bedrooms are not needed. Our excess is too much.

We move to a smaller home. Extra furniture has to go. Often, we move again to an even smaller place. At least, that’s been my story. I’m not complaining. It’s necessary. It’s even been a wonderful, freeing experience.

But when I die, what will my children fight over? If they really want an heirloom from me, they will try for my electronics. My cellphone has all their pictures, videos, and family events like births of their children and Christmas memories. It has contacts for those distant relatives they never see anymore.

My computer has all my writing…the poems about them, the times we laughed and cried together. There are treasures in the cloud if they have my password!

Finally, there is my Kindle. It contains books that were so important to my life. A whole virtual library, free for the taking. I will definitely leave my password for that.

We are a different generation from our parents, we people of gray, 2019. Our lives and those of our children are recorded somewhere in space. Our electronics are us.

This is not a bad thing. It simply is. So be certain to leave your passwords that unlock the key to your treasures. And just think! No squabbling over the china. Who wants it anyway!