The New Normal- Ha! Not for ‘Going Grays’

By Patricia Allwood Hindman

If we are among the group “Going Gray,” we know where we rank with Covid 19. And, if we are reading this, we can smile at the term “new normal.” Our lives have always included a new normal.

We were born with the hydrogen bomb in 1950s, which for some odd reason, produced the baby boom. Maybe our parents were fooled into believing the world was so bad it couldn’t last nine months, so everybody decided to take a chance and light up a cigarette afterward. Remember, birth control pills were just having a trial run in in 1954.

The Sixties unveiled before us on live TV. We saw men in the Vietnam War mutilated and one of our most beloved Presidents fall right before our eyes. We also saw, right before our eyes , a man land on the moon. The sixties were nothing if not ‘un-normal.’

In the Seventies, we had “love ins,” with new “cigarettes;” the first, believe it or not, digital calculator; the first video game, Pong; and we anticipated the headlines: Nixon resigns.

In the Eighties, we had to figure out big hair, punk rock and MTV. We saw the Challenger and the Berlin Wall go down while Mount Helen went up and Pac-Man ate dots.

The Nineties found us watching the sky for the Hubble Space Telescope. We also watched our computers as the web was first launched, and then, believe it or not, the first text message was sent (lol! omg!) We saw our kids go from Punk to Grunge, and everyone’s feet were in Doc Martens.

At last came the turn of the century. We thought all computers would stop and chaos would abound. Y2K turned out to be LOL itself. And we figured out the iPhone, Facebook, YouTube.

2010s’ decade gave us the Swine Flu pandemic and WikiLeaks. Donald Trump became the first person to be elected President of the US who was not a general or political office holder. And, of course, 9-11.

In 2020, a novel virus makes us “Going Grayers” have a ‘new normal.’ Child, every decade has had a new normal. We dare not laugh in the face of a plague, but the term “new normal” does make us old “Going Gray” want to use an emoji. Pick one. ROFL!

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