If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

By Patricia Allwood Hindman

No, this is not Big Foot, just my Wheaten terrier exemplifying my point today.

I know I haven’t written “Going Gray” for awhile, and I blame the book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. I think we have all read it. If you give a mouse a cookie, he will want milk, then a napkin, then a nap, then a quilt, then….

See pic above. Tucker, my Wheaten has been whining at night to get out of his kennel. When I’m at the lake studio, I have started obliging. He just picks his spot in the floor, and the night passes peaceful. Until I woke up to Bigfoot taking up three-quarters of my bed this morning. If you give a mouse a cookie….

I have already said that phrase multiple times this morning. I turned down three substitute jobs to have a day off being lazy. Doing nothing. Until I saw the shoe closet…which led to sweeping the closet…which led to sweeping the studio…which led to mopping the studio….

Next, I decided I’d better at least take my meds today…which led to walking into the bathroom…which led to thinking I might have to pee…which led to looking in the mirror, and it was all over. If you give a mouse a cookie….

I think Going Gray means having a lot of “If you give a mouse a cookie” days. But who cares? Let’s see…I think I’ll make some tea…oh my word, this refrigerator…!


  1. Oh my! How I can relate! Love the laugh you gave me this morning! Gotta go! I need to eat an early lunch, I’ll take that bottle of moisturizer to the bathroom on my way- oh … what’s this? some bills I need to pay underneath that bottle of moisturizer and there’s my to do list under those bills now what was I supposed to be doing?…



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