Being Intentional

Patricia Allwood Hindman

We see all kinds of memes about forgetting as we grow older in body and younger in spirit, but at any age we can be intentional in what we do in order to increase our productivity. And more importantly, become joyfully fruitful in life.

“I’m not sure if I have free time or am just forgetting what I’m supposed to be doing.”

As we age, we literally have more time, yet, paradoxically, we seem to accomplish less. That’s life. Funny memes about forgetfulness or our inability to accomplish something are funny to us because they are true. Forgetfulness simply seems to be part of the aging process. Lounging around suddenly is important. It’s all fine and good until we discover we feel purposeless.

Being purposeful, however, can keep us productive and dynamic no matter our age.

Writing it down

I’m the first to admit I despise lists. Lists seem confining. Lists constrict my spirit. As I grow silver, however, I find that lists are necessary. A list at the beginning of the day or week keeps me focused on what I need to accomplish. It keeps me centered.


I use my iPhone calendar, and I find I rely on it more and more. It keeps me from showing up where I’m not supposed to be or showing up a day late. Or missing important events like birthdays and parties. I also know when I am overbooking.

Even more important

I am trying hard to be merciless with my time. As we age, we realize the importance of time. Why waste it on events we don’t care to attend, people we don’t really like, or things that is unnecessary in our day?

Go back over your calendar from the last month. Is there a social engagement that took up an evening? A whole evening that could have been spent doing something you enjoy or accomplishing something that you want to do.

Is there a commitment you have made that is now overwhelming you? Is “no” absent from your vocabulary? With time pressing us as we age, we cannot afford to squander precious moments.

Neither can we afford to misuse our time through useless events, unnecessary demands or laziness. Taking control of our time allows us to make the most of the days we have. We are older, not dead. There is much we can accomplish. But we must stay intentional.

Mulling it over

How do you stay intentional?

Have you learned ways to be productive that have worked for you in this season?

Are you a goal-oriented person? Why or why not?

What do you enjoy doing and feel you need to make more time to do?

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