Silver wisdom

“Knowledge is knowing what to say; wisdom is knowing when to say it.”


Our silver hairs and forceful faces are outward signs of inner wisdom, but silver is only valuable to society when the precious commodity is used wisely.

I sometimes find myself, with all my “wise” experiences, wanting to tell others what they should or should not do. After all, I have been there. Done that. Sold the tee shirt at the yard sale. I know what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes.

Then I remember I never listened to “old people” myself. Had I been wiser in my youth, I should have listened to some, but it seems we each must write our own story. And I wonder if my own life might have been a bit more dull had I listened to my elders.

Yet I do believe with age comes opportunity. Not the opportunity to tell, but the opportunity to gently guide or, at the very least, to be “there” for those we love. I believe our responsibility goes further. We need to be there for society, for our culture, for the land in which we live. I hope we are not failing to grasp these opportunities because we feel “old,” “useless,” or simply worn out.

We have silver wisdom in us. Younger people have a great deal of brass. It has always been. Our responsibility, and possibly payback, for having been granted the opportunity to exist long enough to gain silver on and in our heads, is to hand some coins to others. But just how do we do so?


Lately, I’ve been intentional. I have been spending more time with my grandchildren, investing in their lives. When given the opportunity, I refer to something I’ve learned from my past or offer just a tidbit of advice about their future. I do those things only after I have invested a lot of “silver” coins into their emotional bank account. Most of my time with them revolves around loving them unconditionally, assuring them they will always be loved by me, and having fun with them.

Investing in society is a bit more difficult to me. I do it simply. I look a clerk in the eye, smile, and do my best to avoid acting like a “crotchety old lady.” I try to keep up with world events, and I vote. I know many of you do so much more.

What do you do to transfer some of your gained wisdom to others? I would really like to hear your viewpoints.

Most importantly, I would love for you to share some adages of what you have learned through this walk to the silver path? Sharing is a great way to give back!


  1. I love this season of my life! God has been so good to bless me with a giving heart! He is continually putting things in my path that are impossible to go around. Just growing me so much to push through. One of the really precious areas that He has given me is the opportunity to give back to our community. For 4 years now, my husband and I and another friend have been entertaining for our seniors. We entertain at both Cape and Jackson Senior Centers, The Lutheran Home, Chateau Girardeau, Life Care Center, Auburn Creek, the Veteran Home and several other places. It is such a blessing for us to see the smiles on faces, toes tapping and many singing along with all most all of the songs we sing. God is so good to let His love shine through us!



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