Attitude change

(Loved the wisdom of those who commented to last post! Don’t miss them!)

As I began to slowly let my hair go gray, I noticed some attitude changes from society. The first thing that surprised me was some people showed me more respect. The second thing that surprised me wassome people acted as if I were irrelevant.

For example, I was walking into a common variety store and a young man in dreadlocks wearing his pants under his butt was in front of me. He stepped aside with a flashing, beautiful smile and held the door open for me. I had the idea that if I had said, “Pull up those pants, young man,” he would have immediately complied, perhaps thinking of his own grandmother.

On the other hand, I have sensed that I can become insignificant in the eyes of clerks, waiters, and those charging forward to complete their lives. Also, as a fairly fast driver, some drivers can’t handle the fact that a gray granny in a Subaru has passed them by.

No matter. Going gray is a journey and I’m amused by the voyage.


Do you think women in certain professions feel going gray will affect their profession?

When does vanity or necessity no longer impact a woman’s decision to go gray?

Do you have a story to tell about going gray or deciding that only your hairdresser will be the one who knows for certain?


  1. I can’t picture you any other way. And you know, I’m all about inclusiveness! Actually, many posts won’t deal with actual hair color, but growing in wisdom.



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