A new day dawns

Patricia Allwood Hindman


Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.


I stopped! Out of sheer laziness I quit coloring my hair. That was three years ago. I was amazed at everyone’s reaction. My grandchildren begged me to cover my gray. Why? Although they couldn’t express it, I believe the gray revealed not just the real me, but my age, thus my mortality

I believe it is time to tell our stories.

Why should a woman color her hair (no judgment here?) Why shouldn’t she? If you have “let the gray grow,” have you been viewed differently? How about your grandmother? Did she go gray or always color?

Come on. Let us know why or why not. Do you have a story to tell? Share with us.


  1. I stopped coloring my hair about 3 years ago. I still don’t feel like…me. People always comment on my hair, usually compliments, while standing there, looking at me with their L’Oreal colored black to dark brown locks (ladies? believe me, more than you hairdresser knows for sure). When I ask, “If you like mine so much, why don’t you let yours go?”
    Dead silence. Crickets. Then, “ Oh mine would not be nearly as pretty as yours and I would look old!” Well guess what, Chickie? You are old!!!
    Gray hair. Even sounds old. People see the hair and dismiss you as being “too old”. I don’t like to garner attention, but by golly!!!! I hate being dismissed!!😖
    We applied for passports the other day and on the application? Hair color. This prompted a discussion between this sweet 30 yr old young woman and me. I asked,” Should I put gray? White?”
    Without blinking an eye, this young lady said, “ Silver, you should put silver. It sounds more exotic and sexier than gray or white!”
    So what did I do?
    This 65 year old woman is now in possession of a passport that says that she is exotic and sexy! I’ll take that!!

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  2. I love your comments, Betty. I have yet to get the question of hair color on driver’s license or passport. Sexy silver and auburn? Yep. Definitely sexy silver!



  3. I like my natural hair color…silver/gray/mature.
    I’m thankful that my husband embraces aging. I have sags, bags, blotchy skin, age spots, spider veins and many other flaws. My husbands keeps reminding me that this is part of our bodies aging and it’s okay.
    Ken loves and trusts God through all things.
    Some people will do whatever it takes to stay young looking. That’s fine, but please love me for who I am. I’m learning to like what I see in the mirror…an imperfect gray haired woman thats tired of fighting what society tries to dictate.
    I AM fearfully and wonderfully and and God loves me just as He sees me.



  4. I love being a part of the “going (went!) gray” gang. It is very liberating and think of all the money we have saved on hair color. Us old? No way! I always remember what Rhonda Miller used to say on her birthday, “At least I’m still here.” I think of her so often and miss her.



    1. I know, Cinda, think of her, too. My hair dresser told me when I finally grew out all the color that my hair would be soft and shiny. That’s one of the things I love about it.



  5. I love my natural hair – the first year was tough, but I survived, and couldn’t be happier! Welcome to the blogging world, thanks for stopping by to say hi and for sharing your thoughts about going gray!



  6. It is my intention to let myself gray gracefully, but it has only just started for me. I have to confess that I recently did that post childbirth ‘dye your hair to reclaim yourself’ phase and I wish I hadn’t. In my line of work people assume that those who haven’t gone gray haven’t worked hard enough. Maybe it is just an assumption for the guys, but I would rather be gray, honestly. I would kill to have my maiden body back though!

    I have a lot of respect for older women. Mothering is hard. Working is hard. Life is hard. I see the gray and wrinkles as badges of honor. No matter what you’ve gone through, there is a good chance you had to fight your way through a lot to get there…so props to ladies with gray.

    I might wear mine for a while…but I am going to go for a beautiful shade of silvery grey with soft violet or maybe blue… But then I have some time to consider it!



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